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    • CommentAuthorTom Rees
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2009
    All my recent posts have been linked to a wrong citation, in addition to the citation they're supposed to carry. These even happens on posts that are not 'research blogging' at all, and so carry no citation information and shouldn't show up on the feed.

    The most recent one is this one. The first citation is correct. The second should not be there.

    The dependence of religion on dysfunctional societies
    by Tom Rees in Epiphenom

    This is a timely new study by Gregory Paul. Back in 2005, he published a controversial paper showing that religious societies seem to be more dysfunctional. In a paper just published on Evolutionary Psychology he takes this argument a stage further and adds a bit of statistical rigour.The cornerstone of the paper is the 'Successful Societies Scale", which is constructed from 25 separate indicators - things like murder and suicide rates, prison population, mortality, sexually transmitted diseases........ Read more ยป

    Paul, Gregory. (2009) The chronic dependence of popular religiosity upon dysfunctional psychosociological conditions . Evolutionary Psychology, 7(3), 398-441. info:/

    Rees, TJ. (2009) Is Personal Insecurity a Cause of Cross-National Differences in the Intensity of Religious Belief?. Journal of Religion and Society. DOI:
    • CommentAuthorTom Rees
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    This is still happening. Every post gets put up on Research Blogging, regardless of whether there's a citation or not.
    I took a look at your blog and it appears that some of the text in your sidebar contains a ResearchBlogging tag -- therefore every time our aggregator looks at one of your posts, it sees that tag and aggregates the post. So you'll need to edit your sidebar to remove it (the tag begins with <span class="Z3988")

    Sorry it took me so long to get to this -- it's been a crazy month.
    • CommentAuthorTom Rees
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2009
    Yep, that fixed it!