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    Hello fellow science bloggers :-)

    I already got a blog going with - - and everything is fine.

    But I have a problem getting another one registered.

    Basically, it says the name is already taken. I'm trying to get into the system. I may have tried twice (I think I did, don't remember what went wrong first time) or someone else at thinkaboutit could have taken the same name. Bottom line I can't see my request anywhere and neither can Lars from So I'm not sure what to do.

    I'm also supposed to have another request dangling (science blogging)but that one doesn't matter right now.

    I'd like to have thinkaboutit registered. And I'd also like the other "thinkers" to participate for sure! What do I do?
    Eh... I did the obvious and applied again, typing a name for the blog that I knew wouldn't be taken.

    But rest assured I have no intention of "squatting" TH!NK ABOUT IT !! To the contrary, I'd love for the others to join too!

    I've been in contact with you over email about this, but just to clarify for people who have seen this thread:

    Our system automatically rejects duplicate requests. So if you try to submit the same blog twice, you'll get rejected. Please don't do things like making a subtle change to the blog name to get around this limitation -- that just adds to the confusion in our system and makes us think you're a spammer.

    If you think your blog request has been "lost," or overlooked, the best procedure is not to try to re-apply, but send an email to us at We'll get back to you within a day or two with an answer.