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    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2010

    if you try to register a science blog at in a new language, e.g. Polish, you get an automated reply that includes the statement "What you can do to help is see if you can generate some interest among other bloggers in Polish - it's important to get a critical mass of bloggers in a given language before we bring a new language online."

    I'd love to know what is the status -- I know that some of my friends tried to register at ResearchBlogging as well, and I'm wondering how many blogs constitute a "critical mass" and whether we can have some sort of idea what and when to expect.

    I've heard from another Polish blogger who now has a list of 10 or so bloggers who are interested -- so we're definitely getting there. We'll probably work to formally start up Polish blogging after the contest is over (March 25).
    I managed to - sort of - register a few months back... Now I have an account on RB, which I cannot sign in to, because it apparently is not active (whatever that means). Oh, sweet irony...
    Just wondering - are we back in the subject then?
    Hi nicprostszego--

    Sorry for the long delay. Yes, Polish should be starting up within a few days.
    Hey Dave,

    So what's with that inactive account? Shall I register again or can I get the one I've got activated somehow?

    Hi Rafal,

    I see your account is now active -- did the Polish editors approve your old registration or did you re-register? If the latter, let me know your old account name so I can remove it from the system.
    Hey Dave,

    Indeed, Polish editors activated the old account. So it's all fine and running.

    To all future Polish scibloggers using Agora's engine: in order to paste the html code with citation snippets into your blog posts, you should turn the default WYSIWYG editor off, and choose 'Prosty edytor tekstowy' in 'Ustawienia edytora'.
    • CommentAuthorAgata
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010

    Some time ago I've read you need some Polish editors for ResearchBlogging in Polish. Did you found them or it is still up-to-date?

    Hi Agata,

    We now have three editors in polish, so we're set for the next year.