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    When we developed the new site, we thought that the "flag post" option would be a great way to maintain the standards of In fact there has been very little use of the option. I'm wondering why that is -- is it that the posts are of such high quality that no one ever feels the need to flag a post? Or do people not understand what "flag post" is for?

    Users should flag a post whenever they feel it doesn't meet our standards or follow our guidelines. This doesn't mean the post will be deleted -- ideally we'd get many flags for posts and then use them to decide what action to take.

    We'd appreciate any suggestions on how to encourage users to utilize this feature.
    • CommentAuthorevaristor
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2009
    RB should provide a way to flag a post directly in the blog. This could be done by modifying the code that bloggers have to insert in their posts to include the option for flagging (even for non-registered readers). I guess that there would be more flagged posts if readers can flag a post without going to the RB site.